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In general, just a set of words that do not make any sense. And there is nothing strange about it, because TRADEMENT, of course, is not a broker, especially not American. This is another pseudo investment scam of the Russian swindlers, working on a scheme of pyramid schemes. That is, a scam for money.

Cooperation with the American financial broker. TRADEMENT office is located near the legendary Wall Street. For about 7 years, the company successfully cooperated only with large individuals and companies. It bought and sold large blocks of stocks and bonds for its clients all over the world. The broker thought long and hard about how to build on this successful private equity and advisory experience and decided to create a public platform providing a service for the mass client.

The minimum investment amount, by the way, is 3,000 rubles. Profitability is promised from 12.3 percent per day.
The site is very cheap, it consists of only a few pages. Despite the fact that this is a type of American broker, the site only has Russian. This is ridiculous! In addition, it is stated that the company supposedly exists since 2012, but in reality, this site is about three months old.

The legend of the project is, of course, a cruel tin. Such feeling that it was invented by fifth-graders, and did not even count on the fact that someone will believe in this nonsense. Naturally, TRADEMENT has nothing to do with the USA. It doesn't have an office nearby on Wall Street, you won't find it in Manhattan. You won't find it anywhere, because it doesn't exist in nature.

There are no documents on the site, so TRADEMENT is a fictitious company. Absent and contact information - the address is false, and the specified e-mail box does not even exist. So, no connection with the scammers, they are not interested in you at all.

Of course, we will trade the shares of large companies - how else could it be? TRADEMENT also lists reputable brands as partners. But in reality, everything is much simpler - there is an admin, who collects money from naive lovers of free money, promising them a 12.3 percent average daily income, and that's all, no shares.
Needless to say, that such profits you will not be paid. It's possible (but not certain) they'll pay out some kopecks, and only a few times, in order to interest a potential victim. Also consider the high entry threshold, because of which you can lose serious money.
There is no doubt that TRADEMENT is a low-quality pyramid scheme, a pseudo-investment project which it is unclear why it calls itself a broker. You won't earn anything here, it's a scam.


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