TOP-5 e-books up to 7 thousand rubles.

TOP-5 e-books

An e-book is a godsend for reading enthusiasts and those people who have to work with a large amount of printed information. The memory of a budget pocket book stores thousands of books, and an additional memory card increases the book storage to a good district library.

On tablets and smartphones, you can also download works of art and scientific texts. However, to this day, e-books have not lost their relevance-due to fundamental differences in information display technologies, the difference in the impact on the visual organs and the duration of battery life. The TOP 5 includes the best-selling models of e-books in the budget segment up to 7000 rubles.

5th place

6" E-book gmini MagicBook W6LHD Grey + Case
The Gmini MagicBook W6LHD case is made of durable polycarbonate. The model has a six-inch E-Ink Carta display with a resolution of 1024x758 pixels. The latest generation of "electronic ink" forms images in reflected light, just as it does on paper. In GminiMagicBook, you can adjust the page refresh rate. The image on e-paper is as clear as on paper. However, when you increase the speed of scrolling, the "shadows" (artifacts) of the previous page may remain.

The screen does not have a touch layer, all operations are performed with buttons and a joystick. Among the necessary additions, it should be noted that the backlight is adjustable in brightness. Changing the color temperature, that is, the shade of the display, is not provided. The software allows you to select fonts, margins, and line spacing. The text is adjusted so that it is convenient for you. You can set bookmarks and labels, select the text search function, auto-scroll, change the orientation of the image on the screen.

The battery capacity of 1500 mAh provides autonomy for 2 weeks in the mode without illumination and up to a week with illumination. Gmini MagicBook supports all text, image, and other formats.

4th place

6" E-book ONYX Boox Caesar 2 black
The rounded-edged ONYX Boox Caesar 2 case is lightweight and durable, and the screen is surrounded by a wide frame. The model is equipped with a 6" E-Ink Carta display with a standard resolution of 1024x758. Pretty high resolution for a budget model. The control is carried out by buttons and a central joystick. Among the useful and new additions, the SNOW Field feature should be noted — this is an improved page rendering, which reduces the number of artifacts when flipping through.The "MOON Light" technology provides soft illumination of the screen in poor light conditions. A capacious 3000 mAh battery will provide three weeks of operation.

3rd place

6" E-book PocketBook 614 Plus Black
The design of the PocketBook 614 Plus is concise, does not stand out in anything extraordinary. It should only be noted that the Soft Touch rubber-like coating is pleasant to the touch. This surface of the back panel does not allow the book to slide in the palm of your hand. As in previous models, it has a built-in 6" E-Ink Carta display with a standard resolution of 600x800.

The model supports 18 text, image, and other formats, including the popular fb2. All text formatting settings are provided. The built-in dictionary will help you understand an unfamiliar word. As in other books of the budget segment, the book will find a calculator, a few simple games and a photo album. One of the distinctive features of a budget reader is 8 gigabytes of internal memory. This volume is enough to store 8 thousand books. A 1000 MHz processor with 256 MB of RAM is responsible for the fast response.

2nd place

6" E-book Dexp FL2 Jupiter Black + Case
According to its characteristics, the Dexp FL2 Jupiter is not much different from other popular budget readers: a six-inch E-Ink display of the latest generation Carta with a good resolution of 1024x758, 128 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, which can be increased to 32 GB using a micro SD card. Among the disadvantages, we can note the vague contours of the small font. Among the advantages of the budget model — lighting and the presence of a cover in the kit. Battery capacity 1500 mAh. The weight of 164 g can also be safely attributed to the advantages of the Dexp FL2 Jupiter, because reading lovers have to hold a book in their hands for several hours in a row.

1st place

6" E-book Dexp S1 Symbol Black
The Dexp S1 Symbol leads the way in sales thanks to its low cost, state-of-the-art E-In display from the Carta generation. In many respects, it corresponds to the previous model, with the exception of a less powerful processor with a frequency of 600 MHz, a point density of 166.7 ppi and no backlight. It has a standard set of applications for the budget segment.

The best-selling e-books in the budget segment are equipped with an E-Ink screen of the Carta generation. The image in the reflected light is comfortable for the eye. There are no additional functions in the presented models, but they fully cope with their task of transmitting text information.


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