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Rob-In-Good is an automated trading systems. In short, trading robots that will earn money for you. Users are required only to pick their nose carefully not to damage anything.

A classic lure for naive newcomers. Allegedly there is such super mega technology that allows you to create automated trading systems that can safely trade without human involvement. In fact, if you give all the action to a trading advisor, you will lose your deposit in half an hour. Simply because they are nothing more than helpers. Everything else is just a bunch of bullshit.
Automated trading systems with an algorithm for analyzing financial instruments to automate trading on the financial market. They call it all by the resounding word Rob-In-Good. All sorts of advantages are also described, which should convince us that all this is absolutely safe and effective, but it is not interesting, because we are being lied to.
It should be noted that the cost of these advisors is very high. For the cheapest one that works with three currency pairs it will cost 90 000 rubles. However, the profitability is promised at 9.2% per month.
In essence, we are looking at a one-page product. Rob-In-Good is a product of the well-known fraudsters, who see this project only as part of their tried-and-true scam scheme.

No legal information is not available here. That is, they pretend that such a complex system created by reptiloids, not otherwise. And the electronic mailbox, as the check showed, does not even exist. So, we either write to the online chat or leave our phone number to be spammed day and night by crooks.
The fact that trading advisors in principle are not able to trade on their own, even though they use the appropriate algorithms, we have already said. That is why only newbies are likely to believe in this nonsense.

In fact, these very figures are oriented on them. This review shows how this scam is implemented. And the network is full of such comments.
Buying a fake robot is only the beginning of a long scam. Then you will be sent to another false broker's website where you will lose a few thousand dollars or even more. And if you are outraged, they will threaten you with the courts, saying that you have violated something there. Believe me, these scammers are very good psychologists; it is like two fingers on the pavement for them to intimidate a newcomer and make him guilty.
It is very simple: never and under no circumstances mess with such projects. Rob-In-Good is an extremely dangerous and cynical scam from a group of experienced scammers.


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