Reviews of e-books, household appliances, gadgets, brokerage services and cryptocurrency.

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TOP-5 e-books up to 7 thousand rubles.

On tablets and smartphones, you can also download works of art and scientific texts. However, to this day, e-books have not lost their relevance-due to fundamental differences in information display technologies

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TRADEMENT - check and review broker

The broker thought long and hard about how to build on this successful private equity and advisory experience and decided to create a public platform providing a service for the mass client.

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Review of the ONYX BOOX Volta 2 e-book.

The compact case of the book is made of matte black plastic with a pleasant soft-touch coating. The plastic is non-slip, it fits perfectly in the hand. Traces of wet fingers remain, but they can be easily removed with any napkin

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Review of the e-book PocketBook 606

So, PocketBook 606. Reader of the year 2020 release. It lacks a number of optional gadgets, such as an internet connection and a touch screen. There is no illumination, which is absolutely not necessary for me personally

Reviews on various topics 20 / 09 / 20 Views: 26

BaseFEX - checking out the cryptocurrency exchange

BaseFEX is a futures trading platform that offers credit contracts for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In other words, a classic cryptocurrency exchange.

Reviews on various topics 02 / 04 / 20 Views: 14

Overview of PocketBook 740 Color

what can and what is suitable for the first reader in Russia with a large color screen Electronic ink. Over the past couple of years, I've written reviews of several Notebook readers. And in the comments to each of these reviews

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