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FXCM is a broker who, under the guise of honest men, takes your money

FXCM - broker who under the guise of honest take your money, FXCM full divorce. Crooks buy a lot of attractive publications on websites and social networks. The main task is to attract as many clients as possible, from whom it is easy to steal funds.

Reviews on various topics 20 / 09 / 21 Views: 56 Financial Scams! How to protect yourself.

FBS - Forex pseudo-broker, which is a clone broker. He mows like a legal company, with the aim of stealing a round sum from ignorant newcomers. The fraudster refers to the good reputation of a legal foreign exchange firm in the United Kingdom to steal from gullible people.

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Wise Capital Limited broker - scam or decent company

In working with its clients, the Wise Capital Limited broker uses the full range of services that are usually provided by European companies...

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Oclean XPro Elite review: high tech for a beautiful smile

The main information is shown on the start page in the form of clear blocks: the level of charge, how long your last brush was and the effect it had. The integrated calendar shows the overall history of the accessory.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review: classic style and new features

Of course, the Galaxy Watch3 is capable of more than just an ECG and blood pressure measurement. As befits a flagship device, it's equipped with a wide range of sensors to help track various body indicators.

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Overview of the project

No legal information is not available here. That is, they pretend that such a complex system created by reptiloids, not otherwise. And the electronic mailbox, as the check showed, does not even exist.

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