Oclean XPro Elite review: high tech for a beautiful smile

Oclean XPro Elite review

Oclean XPro Elite Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush, unlike conventional models, has a touch screen display. The way you interact with the brush is not much different from a fitness bracelet or smartwatch. Swipe your finger across the interface and navigate there by pressing the button underneath the screen. It's simple and intuitive. The display is activated every time the user takes the brush in their hand. There were no problems with waking up during testing.

Cleaning is not the end of the accessory's capabilities. With a few swipes, you scroll through the menu, select Mode, and press the key to confirm the preset you want. Several categories are available: "Brushing", "Massage", "Whitening" and a mode for sensitive teeth. The responsiveness of the screen is medium, but this is logical: in such a delicate process, accidental presses are unnecessary. When the treatment is complete, a clear indication appears on the display in the form of jaws. You can see on the screen which areas have been neglected and how the brush rates the cleaning result. A higher score means cleaner teeth. It's as simple as that.

All cleaning progress is saved in the proprietary Oclean app. It's available for smartphones with Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS devices. Before you start using it, the utility prompts you to assess the condition of your teeth and also asks you to note habits that affect their appearance. For example, if you are a heavy drinker of coffee, it is worth indicating this during the initial setup of the service. This is how the gadget will set you up for optimum performance.

The main information is shown on the start page in the form of clear blocks: the level of charge, how long your last brush was and the effect it had. The integrated calendar shows the overall history of the accessory. There is a choice of programs with recommendations. For people with hypersensitivity, the device has a preset or two, and there are even options for brushing with braces and gum massage. The number of programs is so high that everyone will find the best one for themselves.

Although the Oclean app is nice and handy, there are a couple of things to complain about. For example, there is no integration with the "Health" function in iOS. There is a section devoted to brushing teeth - I would like to see synchronization of data. Also, it didn't work to link the accessory to different smartphones. It often happens that everyone in the family uses the same electric toothbrush, simply by changing the nozzles. Switching between phones to maintain individual progress is not enough here.

The Oclean XPro Elite is equipped with technology that promotes quality and gentle brushing. The novelty is able to recognise the force of pressure. If the owner is careless and puts too much pressure on the device by hand, it will slow down. This can prevent damage to gums and enamel. The brush's motor is capable of running at 42,000 revolutions per minute and delivering an impressive maximum vibration power.

The model is fitted with a 6-axis gyroscope. It tracks your position in space, facilitating precise control of the cleaning process. The Oclean XPro Elite also features IPX7 moisture protection. You don't have to worry about high humidity in the bathtub and you can wash the head under the tap without removing it from the brush. It's not a good idea to leave the gadget wet, though.

Developers have also paid attention to the noise the electric toothbrush makes. At higher speeds, some models may be as noisy as a dentist's drill. The Oclean XPro Elite doesn't have that problem, thanks to its ultrasonic noise reduction technology. The emitted sound is reduced to 45dB, making the accessory comfortable for everyday use.

On the bottom of the brush there is a magnetic ring for charging. No connectors on the body - just put the accessory in the docking station that comes with it. The station is recharged via USB. No charger is included, but you can use any standard power adapter you can find at home. No charger? No problem - you can simply connect your brush holder to your PC or laptop to recharge it. In this mode it was possible to recharge the device from 33 to 100% in exactly 100 minutes.

The housing of the new product is made of a pleasant non-slip material. The roughness is barely noticeable and uncomfortable, but the Oclean brush feels good in your hand. The brush head boasts Dupont bristles, which are quite soft.

When working in standard cleaning mode, the gadget set the intensity level to 24. This seemed a bit excessive, so I had to manually reduce the setting to 17. There were no complaints about the quality of the process itself: the dirt between the teeth is cleaned perfectly, the surface of the teeth after the procedure is smooth. A daily use of this brush would certainly save money on plaque removal at the dentist. I like the delicate whitening option. The standard preset may seem harsh for those with sensitive teeth, but there is no discomfort in the special mode.

After the usual sessions, we checked out the unusual options. The Gum Cleaner, for example, feels more like a gentle massage. The back side of the brush is textured, so it is not difficult to get rid of plaque. There is no fear of overdoing it during cleaning. In addition, the brush completes its work by itself when the set time has elapsed. A break of a second tells you it's time to move on to another part of your mouth. Is there an area you haven't brushed enough? The display shows that area. It's that simple and straightforward.

What about the attachments? Here you need to be prepared for proprietary rods - manufacturers are reluctant to standardise. This is worth bearing in mind if you prefer to order replacement heads on AliExpress. Or it is worth buying branded heads in advance. Unfortunately, there is only one in the box, which is not suitable for family use.

High-tech has reached the toothbrushes, too: the new Oclean boasts advanced functions. The touch screen makes brushing a real pleasure. I would have liked to have a couple of interchangeable brush heads in the kit and the ability to change accounts for one brush. Other than that, it's a total plus. The Oclean XPro Elite is an interesting choice for the health-conscious toothbrush user, with plenty of brushing modes and a clear display.


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Oclean XPro Elite review: high tech for a beautiful smile

The main information is shown on the start page in the form of clear blocks: the level of charge, how long your last brush was and the effect it had. The integrated calendar shows the overall history of the accessory.

Oclean XPro Elite review
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