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NSBroker reviews

NSBroker is a modern online broker that predictably promises us profitable and safe forex trading. This project belongs to the not unknown company NSFX.Ltd.

What is it? Is it really a broker? At first glance, yes. But the first impression, as it often happens, can be deceptive. The same is here - if you look at the project more closely, you can see that there is nothing that would indicate the reliability of NSBroker. On the contrary - there are many signs that this is no more than just another scam.
Cooperation with a modern online broker, whose activities are regulated by a group of professional financial experts who see a clear mission and strategy of their company, and ensure the provision of high quality investment services to all categories of traders and financial institutions from around the world.

They call themselves either NSBroker or NSFX.Ltd. It doesn't just look ridiculous, it also makes it difficult to file a claim against the broker, as it is not clear who you are cooperating with.

Most of the time the site is busy extolling itself. And here are really important things, such as a description of the types of accounts, is not provided. You don't really need it.
Almost every page tells us that the activities of online broker NSFX Ltd are regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Malta and fully complies with European and Maltese standards of financial regulation. Well, we'll have to look into that.

First of all, NSFX Ltd, even though it is affiliated with this project, has its own website. We are very happy that this company has a license, but what does NSBroker have to do with it? Does NSBroker have a license or not? Apparently not.

Secondly, they try to tell us that the Maltese regulation is cool, because Malta is an EU member, so we will kind of work with a European regulated broker. This, of course, is manipulation.

The reality is that Malta is an offshore zone. Accordingly, if you file a complaint against NSBroker (and you surely will), it can only be done in Malta.

Thirdly, the existence of even such a license is subject to serious doubts. We checked what the regulator knows about such a broker as NSBroker, and it turned out that nothing. Moreover, there are no results on the website and search for "NSFX Ltd". That is, all this is nothing more than a deception and an attempt to make wishful thinking come true.
They give several phone numbers from Spain, UK and Austria as contact information, not counting Russian phone number. What does this have to do with all these countries? Are there brokerage offices there? Then where are the addresses? Or did they just put the phone on the street? Ridiculous.

In addition, it is obvious that NSBroker focuses mainly on Russian-speaking users. It is a questionable decision, given that this unscrupulous broker predictably does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
It is strongly not recommended to contact NSBroker. Some left-wing dump with a fictitious offshore license and maximum anonymity.


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