An easy way to hack an iPhone using a phone number

How to hack an iPhone easily

Turkish cybersecurity expert Melih Sevim discovered a vulnerability that could potentially allow anyone to access data from an iPhone. 

Apple is linking the phone number, which is specified in the Apple ID, with the owner's iCloud account. After conducting his own research, Sevim noticed that any user registered in iCloud can indicate someone else's phone number in the information and in this way receive part of the data associated with this number in the system. 

So, the analyst was able to view the notes on another phone. According to him, many of them stored information about bank accounts, as well as passwords from various services, RIA Novosti reports with reference to The Hacker News. 

As previously reported, messages deleted by the interlocutor WhatsApp can be read thanks to the default backup function of the application.

From 2020, Apple plans to equip its smartphones with 3D cameras with laser sensors. The camera will have to "scan" the environment and recreate it on the phone in 3D. So, the device will be able to grasp about 4.5 m of reality around it. One of the Bloomberg insiders said that Apple allegedly negotiated with the Japanese company Sony about testing a new system. 

Apple plans to introduce a budget smartphone iPhone SE 2 on the international market. 

Experts named Apple's top five disappointments in 2018. According to the authors of the rating, one of the reasons for the disappointment of fans of "apple" products is the not entirely successful presentation of the models. 

A way to jailbreak the iPhone using the voice assistant Siri has been found. The vulnerability was discovered on the updated iOS 12 operating system released in September.

Apple has reported a number of glitches and defects in MacBook Pro 13 notebooks and iPhone X smartphones. 

Some iPhone Xs may experience touchscreen issues due to a malfunctioning display component. The manufacturer warns that smartphones may not respond to touch or, conversely, perform actions without touching. 

The companies said that the owners of gadgets faced with this problem can replace the display for free.



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How to hack an iPhone easily
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How to hack an iPhone easily
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How to hack an iPhone easily
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