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Fortified Capital

Fortified Capital is a Russian broker licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Is it really true? Can we trust this broker? Alas, the answers to these important questions are all but negative.

Because it's a scam. Fortified Capital is a scam, a fake broker that parasitizes on the name of the real brokerage company, using not only its name, but even its documents. Counting on inattentive users and newbies who tend to believe everything they are shown.

Cooperation with Fortified Capital was founded in 2012, in Moscow. In 2013 it was licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with Cysec number AIFM02 / 56/2013.
On the website you can read the company's policy, which is based on six principles, but it is absolutely not interesting, because not a single word there is true.

There is no description of account types on the site. Only investment portfolios, with a minimum deposit of $5,000. Not bad appetites of the guys.
Readers should immediately understand that Fortified Capital in this case is a clone of the brokerage company with the same name, which really exists. But the address of its website is
This is the only website of the broker; there are no other websites, including

Consequently, the scammers simply copied someone else's name and now try to pass themselves off as a real broker. But even without knowing it, you can understand that this is a scam. Pay attention to the quality of the site, which is approximately at the level of absolute zero. Cheap, miserable site, made on a crank for half an hour. It was spent three rubles, almost no one visits it.

The specified license does belong to Fortified Capital, but, as you have already realized, to a real broker, not to this pathetic fake. In addition, the admins went somewhere, and they also brought in the broker, as if it is his license, and Fortified Capital belongs to him. Of course, there is nothing like that. They just added the names of real companies to make it seem like a real broker as well.
Also, if Fortified Capital was founded in 2013, then why is the site only a little over a year old? Seven years a broker has been operating without a website? That's ridiculous.
It is unequivocal, and there is no subject for discussion here - Fortified Capital is a 100 percent scam. A fake broker parasitizing on the name of a real company. Do not get involved under any circumstances.


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