Created an e-book that folds like a real one for all the nostalgic

E-books full replacement with real

E Ink has created an e-book with a flexible screen that folds like a real one. It also has built-in LED panels that illuminate the display in the dark.  

The flexible black-and-white screen uses electronic ink to even write handwritten notes. The stylus is intended for this purpose. The diagonal of the display is 10.3 inches. It is surrounded by rather thick frames, and this is no accident. On the right of the frame there are buttons for control, and a backlight is mounted in the upper frame. The latter, by the way, is made in the form of two separate sections that can be bent. 

 Earlier, E Ink has already shown prototypes of flexible screens with electronic ink. The new one is distinguished from them by a rather neat design with a small bending radius, as well as a touch layer. This device is not for sale yet.




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E-books full replacement with real
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E-books full replacement with real
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E-books full replacement with real
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