Wise Capital Limited broker - scam or decent company

Broker Wise Capital Limited reviews | Is Wise Capital Limited scam?

Wise Capital Limited is a Forex Broker with office located in London, United Kingdom. In this material we will consider the trading conditions of this company and reviews about it around the world. Wise Capital Limited scam check shows that broker run the whole operation as a reliable trading partner. But let's analyze it together.

Users score positively that the company is not located in the offshore, but is controlled by a local regulator. Customers choose companies that work within the legal field, not on some unknown island. The company's experience has been more than 20 years.

Year of the Company's foundation - 2000

London, United Kingdom

License - Local Regulators

The company's website operates in English.


How to check a broker?

The forex market has many fraudsters due to the high market potential.

There is an opinion that Forex is full of scam. And even while wise trader with experience can usually detect scam all the way from start, still fraud is often associated with this market.

To determine the fraudster, it is important to know the story of a broker, its reputation in the market, customer reviews about the company. The site shall have detailed descriptions of all stages of cooperation, the contacts of the physical office and the communication options that are suitable for the client. Write an email, or fill out the feedback form. Wait until the company's employee contact you and answers all your questions.

Wise Capital Limited Broker Working Conditions

What conditions of cooperation for traders offers a broker:

● Minimum contribution - 250 euros;

● Leverage - 1: 400;

● Spread - from 2 points;

● Orders - from 0.01;

● type of execution - market;

● Trading platform - its own web platform, there is also mobile application for smartphones.

Portfolio types

There are six types of accounts that Wise Capital Limited offers:






Black VIP

9 currencies, more than 25 types of trading instruments;

Support,  personal account manager;

3 Insured transactions

Account involves trading micro-lots

Spreads both fixed and floating

2 types of assets, more than 50 types of trading instruments;

Account involves trading micro-lots

4 Insured transactions

The company provides lending

Account deposit is 2 thousand euros. Characteristics:

3 types of assets, more than 200 types of trading tools

5 insured deals

Account insurance

The deposit account is 10 thousand euros. Characteristics:

  4 types of assets, more than 250 types of trading tools

10 insured transactions;


Bonus on account - 50%

Account deposit is 50 thousand euros. Characteristics:

4 types of assets, more than 300 types of trading instruments

15 insured transactions;

70% bonus

Account deposit is 100 thousand euros. Characteristics:

Unlimited access to the market analytics, which is updated every day;

VIP trader signals.

For new users, it is possible to open a demo account. That’s a good option to practice in trading with no need to invest any real money.

Broker services are highly valued among the traders. Users rated a small starting deposit and the absence of commissions.

Leverage they estimate as sufficient, but not excessive - it allows any trader to control the situation when running into risks.

Technical Support Quality

In working with its clients, the Wise Capital Limited broker uses the full range of services that are usually provided by European companies:

The broker gives strong analytical and informational support that, of course, is considered an important advantage of a successful company. The portfolio plans (higher than the basic one) provide the opportunity to work directly with the personal manager. Some of the published reviews about the company mention that Wise Capital Limited scam department has helped them with sensitive situations. So, all the parts of this system are clockwork.

What about transactions?

To top up his deposit at the Wise Capital Limited broker, the user can use several solutions:

Deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out by the company at the traders requests, the withdrawal of funds can be performed just the way that deposit was made – to the same card, wallet or bank account.


There are a couple of mentions that the Wise Capital Limited scam check during the withdrawal process can slow it down. On the contrary, a large number of reviews are given to draw conclusions about the transparent and safe work of customers, relative to all questions that concern interaction with customers.

Traders note a quick and comfortable output of funds, within the specified time.


This is a rare case when answering the question " Is Wise Capital Limited scam?" you can simply reply with short "no". The company has proven itself as a reliable partner for its traders.

Owens Darrell

For six months of trading with this broker I have not had serious complaints about my work, from the time of registration to this day. Within one minute, I registered an account, promptly contacted the manager, talked. He told me in detail about the broker's work process, what spreads and where exactly to watch, what commissions there are, how to get verified and withdraw money from the platform. They gave a consultation on the terminal Meta Trader, more precisely, they sent a link with the instructions. At first they advised to read it myself, to figure it out, and then to call the support again with questions. After that, I calmly poured in three hundred, by the way, the operation went according to the current banking rate. And then the trades started automatically. And now I have been trading for six months, without cancellations and requotes. Pleases a clear and fast withdrawal. And what sometimes infuriates, so that beeps in the tube. It is not always possible to reach the support immediately.

Pearson Charles

I have never worked with the Meta Trader 4 platform. But when comparing, I realized that the trading conditions of Wise Capital Limited are more comfortable for me than the conditions of my current broker. I thought that the need to move to a new platform from the usual C Trade could be a lesser evil. Most attracted for me was the absence of commission for withdrawal and for input too. It is clear that this was not a spontaneous decision. I thoroughly studied all the details, talked with the support. Competent managers, by the way, reassured me. I found out that all terminals have the same logic, despite some differences, plus there is a detailed instruction. In addition, you can always call in support, if necessary. First I decided to invest 300 bucks. And when I finally figured it out, I added up to 1000. Orders are executed clearly, without failures, I work with deferred ones and until the failures have happened. Requests for withdrawal are processed fairly quickly.

Norris Richard

There were some doubts before opening an account at Wise Capital Limited, rather out of ignorance. For three months of work they've dissappeared, the broker is stable and has never failed. Somehow it quickly became clear that the company was brought out by experienced players who are good at this sort of thing in exchange trading business. Despite the broker youngness, the support definitly consists of not the begginers. All processes are optimized, employees act confidently in any situation, always help in word and deed. Several times I've been calling to the support to just test the level. Of the benefits, I can point out low and static spreads. And as for the shortcomings I miss the contests and various battles, trading tournaments. And yet, there is only one platform, Meta Trader, and there are just few indices suggested.

Williamson Kenneth

Few people will now meet completely transparent brokers, whose conditions do not differ from reality. It is unlikely that any of the existing customers will argue with me.

Price Jared

Support super, always at the height. We answer all questions promptly and without delay.

Snow Anthony

At the moment it is the best income from everything I tried. Naturally, I tried to withdraw, everything is clearly relatively quickly and without any questions. Yes, there is a risk, but as for me, it is worth it.

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